Frequently asked questions

How much does a lesson cost?

Individual lessons cost £25 per hour. We offer a few packages to make the hourly rate cheaper; 5 hours for £115, 10 hours for £210, 15 hours for £300 or 20 hours for £380. For further information please click here
Conversation group lessons in central London cost £2 for the first time. After the first class it is £5 or we offer a few packages; 5 classes for £15, 10 classes for £25 or 20 classes for £40. For further information please click here

What are your terms and conditions?

Here are our terms and conditions

Can I get an invoice or a receipt?

Yes, of course. We can provide you with an invoice for your business. Just give us your company details and we can provide you with a full invoice. Receipts can be provided by email or text message when you purchase through our website or when using our card reader

What is your teaching schedule?

Our teaching hours are from 8am to 8pm. We can also do lessons at the weekend if this suits you better

How long will it take to improve my English?

This really depends on how much time you are able to dedicate to improving your English skills. I would say as a rule that it should take you around 3 months to go up a level if you are studying and using the language quite intensively. For some this may be quicker and for others it may be a bit slower 

How do I know what my current level of English is?

The best way to check your level is by speaking to us either on the phone or face-to-face. We can then more or less determine your level from a short chat. Alternatively, you can take our free 20-minute grammar test and this will give you a good idea of your level from a grammar point of view

What is your teaching experience and background?

There are a few different teachers working at Monty, all with plenty of experience from teaching business English to helping children or teenagers improve their skills. Here’s a bit more about us

What can I expect from a lesson?

All of our lessons are student-centred so we will help you identify what you need to improve and guide you through the process of developing your English language skills

What kind of material do you use? Do I need to get books?

There are number of different materials that we use, from English File to Grammar in Use to ESL discussions topics online. These are just a few tools that we use but we always aim to mix things up a bit and use good quality material

It’s not necessary to buy a book but if you feel you would like to follow one then we can recommend a publication and a place you can buy it from 

Do I need to do homework?

Homework is not essential but it will definitely help you improve and the results will be noticeable if you do some exercises regularly. The teacher will give you a homework task after each lesson and it is up to you as to whether you complete the exercises 

Can I do anything to prepare for my lesson?

In terms of preparation it can always be good to review what you did in your previous lesson and think about any questions you may have for your teacher. If the lesson is about a specific topic then it’s always a good idea to look up some new vocabulary and phrases you can use during the lesson

Can I share a lesson with a partner or friend? 

Yes, of course. If you would like to share a lesson with a partner or friend then there is just an extra £5 per hour added to our fees – i.e. £30 per hour, £140 for 5 hours, £260 for 10 hours, £375 for 15 hours or £480 for 20 hours