conversation group classes

Monty English have been organising English conversation classes in London for several years now. We have regular classes and they take place in a friendly and supportive environment.

So, what’s it like chatting in a group in central London? Really, it can be a lot of fun, meeting new people and chatting away in your favourite language!

how do English conversation classes work?

English Group Classes
  • Firstly, take a look for some classes through our MeetUp page
  • Secondly, think about your level and let the teacher know what you think it might be (however, if you do not know, you can do our Free English test here)
  • There will be 2-5 others on your table with a similar conversational English level
  • After that, the teacher will give you a few different topics to discuss (changing the subject every 30 minutes or so)
  • Most importantly, everyone gets an equal chance to ask and answer questions with the teacher there to help. You can chat with your colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere. So, you can discuss the answers given and ask further questions

So, your teacher will be there to listen to all of you, spending equal time at each table and correcting your mistakes. For instance, your teacher will answer any doubts you may have, which could not only be about vocabulary but grammar questions and pronunciation too. As a result, you should improve your confidence and start to make less mistakes.

So, since we started our English Conversation Classes in London, (back in February 2012) we have been checking that our English Conversation Classes have been successful for those who have attended. Above all, to see if it has given them more confidence and skills for when they speak English. So, it seems as if this is the case. In other words, the groups have ticked all these boxes!

English Group Classes

when do we meet?


18.30 – 20.00

Conversation Group in central London


111A Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3NQ


17.00 – 18.30
Conversation Group in central London

18.30 – 20.00
Conversation Group in central London

The Royal George Pub

133 Charing Cross Rd, London WC2H 0EA


Check our Meetup page for dates

prices for GROUP classes

£ 2
  • 1 class (first time only)
£ 5
  • 1 class
£ 15
  • 5 classes
£ 25
  • 10 classes
£ 40
  • 20 classes (to use within a six-month period)

Please register a profile via our Meetup page and show you are attending on the event.